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Empowering yourself

and others

Regardless of our job title, every day, we get a chance to lead and carry forward what we believe in. 
Empowering yourself and others is about leveraging your individual and shared qualities to achieve inspiring goals while feeling energised and satisfied. As a certified CTI
Co-Active Coach - CPCC,  I help professionals be intentional about the decisions they make and the way they lead. Their own lives as well as those of others.


Group learning and embracing change

I facilitate workshops and groups within companies who want to share effective methodologies and programs in service of improving performance as well as enjoyment at work. I lead workshops to help professionals drive change and design a win-win ecosystem for all.


Mastering communication

& having fun

Speaking in Public is one of the most dreaded challenges for human beings. Understandably so. And yet it's the essence of how we engage, motivate, transmit. Practice and discipline will get you most of the way. Enjoying yourself at the same time will take you to the stars. From writing to presence and performance, my aim is to help people be motivating and motivated communicators.

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“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James

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I am an independent Coach & Facilitator, collaborating with cutting edge multinationals and professionals. I bring 20 years of FMCG global marketing and entrepreneurial experience to my clients. I coach and train CEOs, Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs to develop their leadership & presence in dynamic, cross-cultural and highly demanding environments. I contribute to them achieving their visions and refining their performance. I believe communication is key to driving businesses and uniting people behind common goals. I pay particular attention to aligning my clients' communication with their intentions and I encourage them to amplify this unique leadership skill which is often neglected. 
Born in Africa, of italian origin, educated in Great Britain and having worked in Italy & France I have spent all my life adapting, growing and bringing energy & positivity to whichever scenario I'm exposed to. Feel free to contact me for future collaborations.

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